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These are all sites and people whose work I like. None of these links were solicited or traded for.

IgorAnimation for the iPad is an innovative (patent pending) three-dimensional computer animation and imaging program by Richard, now available for the iPad.

Richard Garfinkle's LiveJournal Blog

Achronal Press is our own publishing imprint, bringing you some of Richard Garfinkle's stranger, more experimental works.

O'Gara and Wilson, Booksellers Blog, written by the talented Lydia Laurenson. O'Gara and Wilson is the Platonic Ideal of the secondhand bookstore.

Kent Brewster writes and publishes "Speculations", a magazine of helpful advice for authors.

Pat Cadigan. The Guardian calles her "the Queen of Cyberpunk", and deservedly so.

John Crowley writes wonderful, dense, hermetic gnostic philosphical mythical fantasy.

Gardner Dozois writes terrific stories, and is just stepping down as editor at "Asimov's Science Fiction".

Neil Gaiman, a fine explorer of the mythic and dark in comics and literature.

Nancy Kress. Excellent, dark hard science fiction.

Wil McCarthy, science and science fiction writer and technical consultant, mighty prolific and cheerfully willing to help on all kinds of science questions. "Availability is not guaranteed, especially if your project is dull."

Terry Pratchett, author of the funniest, most humane satires being published today, in or out of the field of fantasy.

Harry Turtledove is probably the best-known author of alternate history today. Boy, does he love history.

Howard Waldrop, wonderful and indescribable. Every work is unique. A lot of alternate history.

Cynthia Ward. A writer of science fiction, fantasty, and horror, and a tireless archivist of genre publications and feminist f&sf.


Phil and Kaja Foglio produce fun, smart, funny comic books. This site is family friendly (although they have done some adult stuff elsewhere).

Alton Brown is the author and star of "Good Eats", the best postmodern, humorous, informative, cinematographically sophisticated cooking show ever. He's also written a bunch of great cooking books.


Alessandra Kelley, Fine Art and Instruction is the useful, informative, and handy site of my wife and co-conspirator, Alessandra Kelley. Learn to make and use egg tempera, among other things.




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